101 scandalous, unethical or just plain sad Harper government moments

It's been a long decade of scandal, ethical lapses and just plain sad behaviour from the Harper government.

How many of these moments do you remember?

1. The cover-up of Mike Duffy's Senate expenses.

2. Mike Duffy's Senate expenses.

3. Robocalls.

4. In and out scandal.

5. Proroguing Parliament. And then Proroguing Parliament again.

6. Harper's ethics point man Dean Del Mastro convicted of election fraud:


7. Man Harper tapped to head of Canada’s spy watchdog wanted in connection to billion dollar corruption scandal.

8. Bruce Carson, accused peddler of influence. 

9. Picking and choosing refugees based on their religion.

10. Stripping health care from refugees. 

11. The Harper government's treatment of Canada's veterans:

12. Attacking public servants, watchdogs and the Chief Justice of the Supreme Court.

13. Tony Clement's gazebo.

14. Peter MacKay's taxpayer-funded helicopter ride.

15. Bev Oda's $16 glass of orange juice.

16. Pamela Wallin’s Senate expenses.

17. Patrick Brazeau’s Senate expenses.

18. Companies making illegal donations to Conservative candidates.

19. John Baird, Tony Clement and Laurie Hawn's gold-embossed business cards.

20. Literally everything about Paul Calandra, in general. And we mean everything:


21. Being ruled in contempt of Parliament.

22. Refusing to share information about budget cuts with Parliament’s independent budget watchdog.

23. Refusing to share information about missing tax revenues with Parliament's independent budget watchdog.

24. Pressuring the RCMP to destroy long-gun registry data.

25. Passing a bill giving itself the power to cover-up its own crimes because it pressured the RCMP to destroy long-gun registry data.

26. Leona Aglukkaq reads a newspaper and ignores questions about people in her riding looking for food in a garbage dump:

27. Labelling environmentalists "radicals."

28. CRA hunting down charities while millionaires were dodging taxes in the Cayman Islands.

29. Harper government partners with firm under investigation by CRA for offshore tax scheme.

30. Staging fake citizenship ceremonies.

31. Obstructing Access to Information

32. Muzzling public servants

33. Muzzling scientists.

34. Muzzling Conservative staffers from testifying in front of committees.

35. Ramming omnibus bills through Parliament.

35. Remind us how many Conservative laws were ruled unconstitutional again?

36. Making up fake instances of voter fraud to justify a bad bill.

37. Denying ex-pats the right to vote.

38. Forcing public servants to swear a “loyalty oath.”

39. Falsely stating that Statistics Canada was in favour of eliminating the long form census.

40. Bernard Valcourt refuses to stand up for missing and murdered indigenous women – literally:

41. Record use of public funds for partisan advertisements

42. Conservative Senators moonlighting as Conservative fundraisers.

43. Natural Resources Minister Greg Rickford billed taxpayers to ring the Toronto Stock Exchange bell then go to a fundraiser with high rollers in Rosedale.

44. John Williamson bills taxpayers for trip to anti-tax conference.

45. Conservative website promoted Harper using taxpayer-funded “24/7” videos.

46. Pierre Poilievre wears partisan golf shirt to taxpayer-funded announcement:


47. Pierre Poilievre makes taxpayer-funded announcement with several Conservative candidates.

48. Pierre Poilievre uses bureaucrats and taxpayer-funded resources to make partisan promotional videos. 

49. Taxpayers may have funded Western Diversification Minister Michelle Rempel’s trip to a Conservative wine tasting event.

50. Deputy speaker bills taxpayers for hyper-partisan mail-outs.

51. Conservative candidate Tim Laidler repeatedly photobombs taxpayer-funded events.

52. Stephen Harper’s make-up costs allegedly paid for out of Mike Duffy’s Senate slush fund.

53. Peter MacKay appointing his friends, wedding guests and donors as judges.

54. Public works Minister Diane Finley violated conflict-of-interest rules in a million dollar funding to a community centre.

55. Former Conservative MP Helena Guergis broke conflict-of-interest rules by using her position to boost the business interests of her husband, ex-Conservative MP Rahim Jaffer.

56. Industry Minister Christian Paradis breaking conflict-of-interest rules boosting Jaffer’s business interests too.

57. Conservative Senator Pierre-Hugues Boisvenu breaking conflict-of-interest rules.

58. Parm Gill maybe breaking conflict-of-interest rules.

59. Former Finance Minister Jim Flaherty breaking conflict-of-interest rules.

60. Former Conservative turned Liberal Eve Adams breaking conflict-of-interest rules appealing to the CRTC.

61. And Colin Carrie also breaking conflict-of-interest rules by pestering the CRTC too.

62. $1 billion in pork barrel projects on the eve of the 2015 election.

63. Rebranding the Government of Canada “The Harper Government.”

64. Putting Conservative Party logos on government cheques.

65. Exploiting a loophole to borrow billions without Parliament’s permission. 

66. Dismantling research libraries.

67. Misusing official residences abroad.

68. Stonewalling a probe into the alleged abuse of Afghan detainees.

69. Barring Opposition MPs from attending international conferences.

70. Sharing terrorist propaganda over Facebook, maybe violating C-51 in the process.

71. The weird way the RCMP was spying on environmental groups.  

72. CRA auditing government critics while right-wing groups appear to dodge rules for reporting political activities.

73. CRA targeting “end-of-life” groups  but doing nothing about the political activities of “pro-life” groups.

74. Denying ex-pats the right to vote.

75. Claiming opponents of an internet surveillance bill were “standing with child pornographers.”

76. Attacking the head of Elections Canada. 

77. Silencing the respected organization Rights and Democracy.

78. Violating their own fixed election dates law.

79. Former cabinet minister Jay Hill broke conflict-of-interest rules helping “facilitate access” for his wife and her employer.

80. Rewriting the official citizenship guide in the Conservative image.  

81. Eliminating the Canadian Wheat Board.

82. Proposing to create a “barbaric cultural practices” hotline.

83. Conservative MP Rick Dykstra allegedly buying alcohol for underaged girls and bribing them with VIP service to claim it never happened (despite screen grabs that suggest otherwise, Dyksta says the allegations are false).

84. Saying Aboriginal women go missing or are murdered because they don’t have a job.

85. Cutting foreign aid funding for abortion, even in cases of rape.

86. Running nearly a hundred candidates endorsed for their opposition to women's reproductive rights.

87. Spending $2.5 million promoting program that does not exist.

88. Naming an Enbridge lobbyist to oversee CSIS.

89. Launching audits on environmental groups based on a complaint by an astroturf group run by Ezra Levant.

90. Joe Oliver blowing half a billion dollars to create only 800 jobs at $687,500 per job.

91. James Moore saying it's not his responsibility to feed his neighbour's child right before Christmas.

92. Corporate Canada’s money in tax havens exploding to nearly $200 billion under Harper.

93. Peter MacKay saying the homeless should pawn their belongings to pay for court fines.

94. Peter MacKay sending female Justice Department staff patronizing Mother's Day e-mails.

95. Making 98 patronage appointments in June 2015 alone.

96. Negotiating a massive trade deal in secret and not releasing the details until after the election.

97. Conservative campaign teams caught on video tearing down election signs.

98. Conservative MP using "air quotes" to dismiss "rule of law" during C-51 committee hearings.

99. Appointing losing Conservative candidates to the Senate.

100. Insulting the intelligence of Canadians over what's really in Bill C-51.

101. Conservative candidate urinating in a cup.


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