4 Valentines Canadians might get from Conservatives

What better way to win over hearts and minds than a Valentine -- even if you're a political party buried in controversial policies?

Since Stephen Harper isn't known for being warm and cuddly, we decided to help by creating 4 Conservative Valentine's Day cards for Canadians:

Stephen Harper:


With the Conservatives new anti-terror legislation, the government will certainly be able to keep a better eye on Canadians.

Critics say the bill "attacks the civil rights of all Canadians" and worry it will set off a"massive fishing expedition" that will "invariably be engaging in information sharing on law abiding citizens." 

(Best to smooth things over with a Valentine.)

Joe Oliver:


Joe Oliver has pledged to keep in place a widely criticized income-splitting plan that will only help 10% of households -- largely higher-income earners. (A recent CCPA study found the policy offered no benefit to 86% of Canadians).

(Hey, give this much to Oliver. At least he's not sending a financial Valentine to just anyone. He's picky when it comes to tax-relief love.)

Peter MacKay: 


The Conservatives beefed up tough-on-crime agenda, led by Justice Minister MacKay, has been described by pundits as "doomed to fail," and legal experts as "either blatantly dishonest or breathtakingly ignorant."

Statistics Canada shows that crime rates have been falling for 20 years -- largely due to demographic changes.

But that isn't slowing the Tories down. Yet another crime bill is soon expected before Parliament. 

Pierre Poilievre:


It's like that nightmare first date that just never ends.

After being criticized for disenfranchising voters and undermining democracy with his so-called Fair Elections Act, Poilievre has now been elevated to Employment Minister to stickhandle the Tories struggling employment record.

Looks like Canadians are stuck with Pierre. 


Happy Valentine's Day, anyway!

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