8 ways people are walking the walk on climate change

World leaders are meeting in New York City next week for a historic UN summit on climate change.

Using the slogan "catalyzing action," the UN is bringing together world leaders to "focus on tangible climate actions.


Prime Minister Stephen Harper isn't the only one who can't make it, so NYC-based Purpose has launched the #WalkTheWalk campaign for those who can’t march themselves at the People's Climate March on Sunday in the lead-up to the UN meeting.

Here are eight must-see short #WalkTheWalk videos:

In fancy shoes:





In ski boots:




Or penguin feet:




Or why not hop the scotch?




Try balancing on a handrail (talk about a balanced approach!) :



Or moonwalking the walk:




Meanwhile, others aren't satisfied to just "walk the walk" on climate change. They think our whole approach to climate needs a backflip:




And hey, look, Desmond Tutu is walking the walk:



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