The best last-minute Halloween costume ideas for political animals

If you're anything like us, chances are you've left your Halloween costume until the last minute. 

Here are five election-themed, spooooooky costumes you can throw together in no time!

1. The Angry Conservative

 This Conservative supporter made headlines for swearing at reporters at a Stephen Harper rally in Etobicoke. 

What you'll need:

  • Conservative Party pin
  • Lightly coloured ill-fitted sports coat
  • Placard reading "you lying pieces of sh*t"
  • Angry demeanour



2. Wayne Gretzky at a Conservative rally

Though he now says he was only doing Harper a favour and "would do the same for any PM", number 99's endorsement made the news. (The Conservatives also won 99 seats. Coincidence?)

What you'll need: 



3. The longest writ period in over a century 

The election may have taken an eternity, but it definitely won't take quite as long to put this one together...

What you'll need:

  • A piece of paper with the word "writ" on it that you can unceremoniously drop at the beginning of the night
  • Calendar pages from August, September and October
  • A very large coffee cup to maintain energy levels
  • Nerves of steel and the strength of will not to keep looking at the polls. 



4. Jerry Bance

If you want to really scare the neighbours, go as "pee-gate" Conservative candidate Jerry Bance!

What you'll need:

  • Wire-rimmed glasses
  • Toolbox
  • Mug containing apple juice (extra points if you casually sip from it)
  • Two friends with headphones and hidden cameras narrating your every move




5. Social media gaffe

The first half of the election campaign was dominated by stories about dozens of candidates whose previous social media posts came back to haunt them, and a bunch of other social media gaffes. The options are endless. 

What you'll need:

  • A poster board with the Facebook or Twitter logos written on them with a square cut-out for you to put your face through
  • Take your pick of a dumb statement
  • You could even go as Canada's "Prime Minster"


Happy Halloween!

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