Canada's job numbers show troubling trend line

Editor's note: after releasing its July jobs report on Aug. 8 showing 200 jobs were created overall, Statistics Canada said on Aug. 12 it had made an unspecified error in the labour force survey. The agency released an amended jobs report on Aug. 15. This has been updated to incorporate Statistics Canada's correction.

How best to characterize the trend line in Canada's job numbers?

Here are 4 facts that tell the story:

  • 18,000 full-time jobs that were lost last month.
  • All job growth in July, totaling 42,000 jobs, was the result of an increase in part-time work
  • Over the past year, full-time employment has edged up by just 0.3% while Canada's working-age population grew by 1.3%. 
  • Overall, employment increased by just 0.9% over the past year, with most of the growth in part-time work.

Bonus: Stephen Harper's Conservative government says it's focused on "job creation and economic growth."

Photo: lendingmemo. Used under a Creative Commons BY 2.0 licence.

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