Charting CBC cuts isn't pretty

No wonder fulfilling its unique mandate and maintaining a strong voice across the country just keeps getting harder for Canada’s public broadcaster.

Let’s put the latest round of cuts at the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation, totaling $130 million and layoffs of 657 people, in perspective.

This chart, courtesy of Friends of Canadian Broadcasting, shows the decline in total grant and operating grant from Parliament to CBC from 1990/91 to 2014/15, indexed by Prime Minister and adjusted to 2014 dollars. The trend line hasn't been good for a very long time:


The next chart, produced by CBC before a deep round of cuts in the 2012 federal budget, shows Canada ranked in the bottom three out of 18 major Western countries (and well below the average) when it came to public funding of their public broadcaster (on a per-capita basis)


Photo: rickchung. Used under a Creative Commons BY-2.0 licence.

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