Climate skeptics are misunderstood: Big Oil speaker

National Post columnist Peter Foster had a message for Big Oil this week when the Canadian Association of Petroleum Producers invited him to speak as part of their speaker series: industry needs to do a better job at explaining why climate skeptics are right.

"I spoke about the science of climate change, and how the fact that people really don't even understand what skeptics are skeptical about. The industry needs to get its message out a bit better," Foster said in a post-speech interview with CAPP (and delivered just as HBO funny man John Oliver explained the problem with climate change coverage.)

Foster, who uses his column to defend climate skepticism and attack environmentalists as alarmist, also reminded CAPP that the proposed Keystone XL pipeline "is really insignificant in regards to climate change," but that message is getting lost thanks to "misinformation" of environmental groups.

Watch the short clip:



Photo: meanmrmustard. Used under a Creative Commons BY-SA 2.0 licence.

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