CONFIDENTIAL E-MAIL: NFA asks Peter MacKay and other MPs to come shoot guns

Dear Justice Minister Peter MacKay,

Last week, this "confidential internal invitation only" from the National Firearms Association was sent to you and your fellow MPs -- inviting you to an Ottawa-area shooting range for the first annual Parliamentary "Aim for Change Shooting Event" in September.

We'd like to know if you're going to RSVP? Given the reaction to news that you sported the gun lobby group's T-Shirt (the one with a rifle that appears to have gotten itself lodged into a maple leaf with the group’s slogan "no compromise"), we can understand why the NFA would want to keep e-mails like these confidential.

Event sponsors include PGW Defence (manufacturer of sniper rifles that can hit targets at 1,800 metres), LMSR2 (a high-power rifle), South Frontenac Rental Centre (an online firearms retailer), and Sun News.

Officials from the NFA will also be on hand a the shooting club. Canada's version of the National Rifle Association is calling for the repeal of the Firearms Act (and all related statutes).


P.S. We can probably expect Conservative MP Rob Anders to show up, but is anyone else going to RSVP?


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