Conservatives already singing from Tea Party hymnbook in child care attack

Get ready to hear a lot of over-the-top child care bashing from the Canadian right.

Already, the Conservative government appears to be trying to brand the NDP's proposed $15-a-day child care plan as "government-run day care" -- with claims that the government will "dictate to families" how to raise their children.

"Somehow this idea that government-run daycare is the only solution to child care needs is, I think, erroneous," Candice Bergen, Minister of State for Social Development, told CBC's Power and Politics Tuesday night.

"Parents should decide, and that one-size-fits-all -- especially these big, huge government-run programs -- tend to eat up a whole bunch of money and produce very little results."

Sound similar?

In a leaked 2009 playbook, Republican strategist and wordsmith Frank Luntz advised congressmen to talk about Obamacare in the same way:



Now watch Bergen and listen for the dings:

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