Does this look like the "middle ground"?

For those fighting for retirement security, fair wages and collective bargaining rights, it might come as a surprise that one of their most vocal opponents sees itself as advocating for the "middle ground."

That's right: the executive vice-president of the Canadian Federation of Independent Business says the role of the organisation is "standing tall for the middle ground." Laura Jones admits that the CFIB often holds the same positions as the Fraser Institute, a conservative think tank where she used to work, but the business group doesn't have the same branding problem.

"It makes me laugh how often I will take a position from the CFIB podium that is exactly the same as the Fraser Institute... and most people see it as reasonable," Jones told the Vancouver Sun in a recent profile.

Is this just a trick to cast the right-wing business organisation as "middle ground" so its positions sound, well, reasonable? Or maybe it's about trying to shift the "middle" to the right.

Either way, check out these "middle ground" positions staked out the CFIB, as pitched by their executives on Twitter.

Photo: satosphere. Used under a Creative Commons BY-ND 2.0 licence.

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