Elections Canada speaks truth to power: the Marc Mayrand remix

No wonder the Conservatives used parliamentary procedural shenanigans this week to try to thwart the testimony of the head of Elections Canada

Marc Mayrand, Chief Electoral Officer of Elections Canada, delivered a detailed and devastating critique of the government's proposed elections law.

"He told MPs that the bill would create a loophole that will allow parties to overspend, that it fails to give investigators the tools they need to crack down on wrongdoing, and that it would prevent the agency from communicating with the public, violating international norms," writes Stephen Maher of Postmedia News. "But Mayrand spent most of his time discussing provisions that would make it harder for Canadians without up-to-date identification from voting."

"What’s of interest here is what it reveals of Tory thinking. That is, the problem it was intended to solve would seem to be that the elections investigator was too powerful, too dogged, too independent," adds National Post's Andrew Coyne.

Watch the Marc Mayrand remix, with a special cameo appearance by Pierre Poilievre, the minister of state for democratic reform, tapped to take on Mayrand:



Photo: YouTube

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