June 2013

The end of the "Golden Age" for university graduates

Some 500,000 students have just graduated from Canada’s postsecondary education system, and the great majority will be hoping to find a decent job and to embark upon a meaningful career.

Unfortunately, the employment prospects for many graduates are pretty dismal, for reasons that deserve serious reflection.

Many pundits argue that students are essentially the authors of their own fate. Some fields of study offer great prospects, and others don’t. Little sympathy is expressed for those who study to learn and pursue a passion, rather than carefully choose a vocational or...

Ed Broadbent addresses Trent University's class of 2013


Mr. Chancellor, Mr. President, Ladies and Gentlemen — and most of all, students.  I want to begin by warmly congratulating those who are graduating today.  For most of you this day will remain one of the most important highlights of your life.  You have studied hard, done research and written exams.  The degree you get, you have earned.  But for me the situation is quite different.  To accept an honourary degree...

Why Crowley has it wrong on cars, freedom, and public transit

In Wednesday's Globe and Mail, Brian Lee Crowley of the MacDonald Laurier Institute produced what he called a “homage to the (undeservedly) hated...