Canada's CEO-to-worker pay gap among the worst in the Western world

Does your boss work 206 times harder than you do?

According to data compiled by the American Federation of Labour (AFO-CIO), Canadian CEOs make 206 times more than the average Canadian worker.

That number is actually the second biggest CEO-to-worker pay gap among the 19 countries AFL-CIO looked at and laid out on this interactive world map.

American CEOs top the list with a staggering 354:1 CEO-to-worker ratio. On average, American CEOs earn just over $12 million per year while the average worker takes home $34,645. 

But just behind the U.S. is Canada. The AFL's data, sourced from the Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development, says the average Canadian CEO receives a compensation of $8,704,118 each year while the average Canadian worker makes $42,253.

So one Canadian CEO earns the equivalent of 206 average Canadian workers.  

To put all of this in perspective, check out how Canada stacks up next to other Western nations (and heads up, you'll have to scroll down a bit):

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