Dear corporate Canada: boomers and millennials know what you do with those tax cuts

Head office, we've got a problem.

That pretty much sums up how corporate Canada must be feeling with results of a new survey of millennials and boomers released Tuesday.

The Broadbent Institute commissioned Abacus Data to survey both millennials and boomers about their economic future and the policies affecting it. Turns out both young people in the workforce and their parents are feeling deep unease about a future of precarious, low-benefit work. And they're not feeling much love toward corporations.

These 5 charts tell the story.

1. Despite an ongoing assault on organized labour, the majority of millennials and boomers think lower union membership makes it harder for people to find secure, decent jobs:

New Deal - Unions


2. Only a small minority of millennials and boomers believe corporations will work harder to create good jobs in Canada. Most say companies will focus more on profits, even if good jobs aren't created: 

New Deal - Jobs

3. A small minority of millennials and boomers think companies take savings from corporate tax cuts to invest in operations and create jobs:New Deal - corporate taxes

4. A majority of millennials and boomers blame "irresponsible business behaviour" for the Great Recession:

New Deal - Recession


5. A majority of millennials and boomers think governments, not corporations, are better equipped to tackle income inequality:

New Deal - Income Inequality

 Photo: asburgess. Used under a Creative Commons BY 2.0 licence.