Good news, restaurant owners: you don't have a labour shortage anymore!

Dear President of Restaurants Canada,

Earlier this week, you mentioned that even if restaurants offered $100 an hour for kitchen jobs, they'd still need to hire temporary foreign workers to fill the posts because Canadian workers just don't want the jobs.

Here's the video clip of your interview, in which you call on the government to lift its moratorium on TFWs in the foodservice industry because the sector's labour shortage problem is quickly becoming a crisis.

"So let's raise it to a hundred bucks an hour and we'll still need them. That's the issue," you said of TFWs.

Good news! In mere hours, many Canadians came forward to tell us they were willing and able to work in restaurants across the country for your stated price: $182,000 a year to work a 35-hour week.

Here's a sampling. For more, visit our Facebook page.

"I'll gladly offer fries with that for that kind of money." Jeff B.

"Noooo kidding. I'd do pretty much anything without getting nekkid for $100/hr." Michelle K.

"100$/hour: I'm applying right away! What is their e-mail?" Marc-André B.

"In his explanation he says that there is a drain of workers to the West. Why?? Because wages are higher in Western Canada in almost every sector. Pay people more and they will stay and work for you, dummy. and I certainly will for $100.00 an hour -- sign me up. Want fries with that?? Can I work overtime boss? Please!!!?" David S.

"If you are going to make a claim such as this one then put your money where your mouth is and prove it!!!!!!" David M.

"LOL.... Then offer $100/hr." Ian L.

"Where are they offering $100/hr to work in a restaurant kitchen?" Linda H.

"Bull crap." Christina A.

"I'm pretty sure I would cook for $100/hr." Charlie S.

"Bullshit. I'll take this job. Where's it posted." Jeffery C.

"Who have thunk, Mc D and Timmies paying 100$ an hour. BS on toast." Fraser S.

"BS! Big Time! Just try paying fair wages and giving fair benefits....if any restaurant owner cannot find workers for that ridiculous one hundred an hour...I want the name. I know lots of unemployed Canadian youth who will be there in a nano second!" Lorna D.

"If you paid a hundred bucks an hour, you'd have so many cooks out the ass." Dylan G.

"Shenanigans! If my restaurant job paid that, I would never have left it." Renee G.

"They ought to try it." Connie D.

I can't believe they think anyone will buy this BS. I have 2 young adults who are having an extremely hard time finding jobs in a restaurant. My son has gone to school for 2 years for cooking and accumulated debt only to have jobs go to TFW. That is so full of ****. Bonny B.

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