Government of Canada hypes tax cuts with random photo of this soup truck


Are Conservative tax breaks better than receiving handouts from the back of a soup truck?

And is that really a basket of soup being unloaded from that soup truck? And since when does soup come in a basket?

Soooo many questions.

The image below appears on the Government of Canada's website under a section labelled "Government of Canada activities and initiatives." It's supposed to highlight government priorities, but more often than not just links to Stephen Harper's 24/Seven promo videos -- and various tax goodies the Conservative government wants to remind you about.

The tab labelled "It's Tax Time!" links to a page on listing the Canada Revenue Agency's various tax credits:

We're not sure, but the enigmatic image appears to show a basket of food being unloaded from the back of a soup truck. Presumably, the basket is filled with soup. However, it also sort of looks like it could be a bushel of corn.

What do you see going on here?

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