If Tim Hudak says 1 job is 8 jobs + math skills = job requirement, why hire Hudak?

Well, this is ironic.

During the Ontario election debate, PC leader Tim Hudak — whose "million jobs plan" has been whittled down to "closer to 50,000 jobs" after economists exposed a mixture of glaring math errors and dishonest claims riddled throughout — made the staggering claim that he had some ideas on how to make kids in Ontario better at math.

Attacking what he calls "discovery math," a teaching method emphasizing individualized approaches to problem solving and understanding "why" rather than just "what" the answer is, Hudak complained "the problem is when students graduated, employers soon discovered that people couldn't do basic math. So they didn't get the job." 

So here's a basic math problem for Hudak:

If you count 1 job as 8 jobs + you say ability to do basic math = job requirement, by your own logic, why should anyone hire you? 

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