Jim Flaherty vs. Stephen Harper: watch the income splitting gong show

This is getting really awkward.

First, Finance Minister Jim Flaherty says his own government needs to rethink their promise of bringing in family income splitting next year. That's because "there are some people who benefit and lots of people who don't in that world of income splitting." 

To make his point perfectly clear, Flaherty adds: "I'm not sure that overall it benefits our society." (An analysis shows the Mad Men Giveaway plan is skewed heavily in favour of the wealthiest, with 86% of families receiving no benefit at all.)

Now, Harper is openly disagreeing with his Finance Minister, saying "we think income splitting would be an excellent policy for Canadian families."

Watch Flaherty vs. Harper:



Photo: theredprojectUsed under a Creative Commons BY-SA 2.0 licence.

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