Leave scrubbing hotel toilets to TFWs: CFIB

Forget McDonald's temporary foreign worker troubles and the leaked audio of its CEO talking about how his company is facing heat over the use of "disenfranchised" TFWs.

The president of the lobby group representing small business has his own super-sized problem after his appearance on national television Thursday.

Appearing on CTV's Power Play, Dan Kelly, head of the Canadian Federation for Independent Business, used loaded language to explain why Canada needs temporary foreign workers to do jobs that are beneath the dignity of Canadian citizens, even as a new study just revealed that permitting TFWs to work in low-skill jobs accelerated the rise of unemployment, especially among people with only some high-school education or a high-school diploma.

So, rather than increase pay and improve working conditions for employees, why not just create a permanent underclass of vulnerable and desperate workers from abroad to clean our toilets and flip our burgers?

Take a peek inside CFIB's world:



Photo: Wikipedia. Used under a Creative Commons BY-2.0 licence.

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