Look who's gotten a raise since the '80s - and who hasn't

If you're interested in trends in income inequality in Canada, you'll want to see this.

University of British Columbia economists Thomas Lemieux and Craig Riddell, who is also a research fellow at the Institute for Research on Public Policy, presented an eye-popping chart at the institute's recent conference on income inequality.

Drawn from tax data since the early 1980s, the economists show there was virtually no change in real income growth between 1982 and 2010 among those below the top 10%. As you move up, "distribution gains become much larger." The top 0.01%, for example, saw a jump of 160%. Check it out:


Source: Top Incomes in Canada: Evidence from the Census. Thomas Lemieux, Craig Riddell, Vancouver School of Economics, UBC. IRPP paper, February 2014. 

Photo: JeepersmediaUsed under a Creative Commons BY 2.0 licence.


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