Misremembering Tory MP withdraws wild voter fraud statement

One of the justifications for a key plank of the Conservative government's proposed elections act is unraveling.

Ontario Conservative MP Brad Butt was doing his bit in the House of Commons earlier this month when he cited a dramatic tale to explain why it was so important to tighten up voter identification rules and scrap the practice of "vouching" for people who lack proper identification at polling stations.

It's all about stamping out widespread voter fraud, not voter suppression, Butt explained.

To make his point on behalf of the Conservatives, Butt said it was vital to bar people from using voting cards issued by Elections Canada as a valid ID because he had personally seen political operatives scooping up these cards from recycling bins to use them for fraudulent purposes at polling stations.

On Monday, Butt admitted that, well, wasn't true. Watch his changing story:



Photo: YouTube

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