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Press Progress is a project of the Broadbent Institute.

Note: Due to our political work, Press Progress is not a registered charity. We are unable to provide donors with charitable receipts.


The times are changing – and so are we.

We need your help to adapt to a rapidly changing political and media landscape.

This fall, we want to launch 'Press Progress: PHASE 2' by expanding our news coverage, making investments in our website and start competing head-to-head with Canada's big media outlets.

Here are 3 concrete examples of things we want to do:

  1. Present our stories in a cleaner, clearer, more accessible and enjoyable website experience whether you're on your laptop or your phone. (Don't like annoying pop-ups? Good news: we don't like them either!)
  2. Break new ground making use of visualizations, interactive media and other digital tools to explain complicated information in an easy-to-understand way.
  3. Renewed focus on issues impacting workers struggling in the 21st century economy – whether they be seniors struggling with financial security, working families struggling to make ends meet or young people struggling to enter the workforce.

But we can't get this off the ground unless we meet our fundraising goal of $20,000 by Labour Day.

Make an investment now and help us launch PressProgress: PHASE 2.