PMO take note: how The Office handled its email problem

The Prime Minister's Office has announced that emails from Benjamin Perrin, a former PMO lawyer, have been found! They're now being turned over to the RCMP as part of the ongoing investigation into bribery, fraud and breach of trust.

Incredibly, the bureaucratic wing of the PMO thought the emails, requested by the RCMP as part of a probe into a deal between Nigel Wright and Senator Mike Duffy, had been deleted when Perrin left Stephen Harper's office back in March. In fact, Perrin's emails had simply been "frozen" due to "unrelated litigation," according to the Privy Council Office.

So the RCMP requested emails as part of an investigation, and no one in the PMO bothered to double check if the emails were, in fact, deleted? Right. 

This latest twist in the Senate scandal got us thinking about an episode of The Office, when the boss announced a new email surveillance program.


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