RAW VIDEO: Jason Kenney just doesn't get the fuss over income splitting

Senior Conservative minister Jason Kenney doesn't understand what all the fuss is about.

On Friday, he praised family income splitting as a benefit for what he called "stable family units."

By design, the policy encourages a parent to stay at home and look after the children, so everyone who reported on Kenney's comments noted the link. (An analysis of the Conservative Party promise also shows the tax proposal is skewed heavily in favour of the wealthiest, with 86% of all families receiving no benefit at all.

On Saturday, Kenney, a champion of social conservative causes in the Conservative Party, took to the mic at the Manning Networking Conference panel on the marriage gap between rich and poor Canadians to express his bewilderment at the reaction.

"I said that family stability is linked to economic success, which I thought was an absolute given in social policy debates," said Kenney.

"When I said this, apparently it was very contentious, and I've had a day of being attacked for suggesting a correlation between family stability and economic success."

Kenney, sounding nothing like Jim Flaherty, later elaborated to PressProgress. He even invokes feminism in his defence of the policy.


 Photo: YouTube

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