Rob Ford: law-and-order hypocrite

Toronto Mayor Rob Ford is off to rehab after fresh evidence surfaced of his weekend crack use.

The pipe pictures were leaked to the media alongside an audio recording of Ford's latest drunken tirade at a bar on Monday night, where he attacks gays (again), denegrates a female mayoral candidate with sexually lewd comments (again), and utters racial slurs (again).

Thursday also marks the day of Ford's official fall from his law and order pedestal, where he's been perched as a tough talking, drug-using, unsympathetic "tough-on-crime" conservative.

Check out this video clip of Ford back in 2005 moralizing about crack users for a special CBC segment on crack and harm reduction. "What are they going to do to our families? What are they going to do when they break into your house for $5? If it's as highly addictive as everyone is saying, they'll go crazy," says Ford.




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