Top 5 clueless moments on Sun TV's latest segment on white privilege

It's official: Sun TV's ongoing outrage campaign to convince people that white privilege doesn't exist is having the opposite effect.

A few weeks back, the right-wing network blew a gasket when it discovered the Elementary Teachers' Federation of Ontario was offering an equity workshop for teachers called "rethinking white privilege." This led the Toronto Sun's Christina Blizzard to accuse the ETFO of trying to "indoctrinate teachers" and "brainwash the children" by "creating resentment of one race by all others." 

That set the stage for what is possibly the most absurd few minutes of television broadcast on Canadian airwaves in a long time when four white Sun TV panelists explained to the non-white Tarek Fatah that white privilege doesn't exist.

Since then, the subject has reared its head in the Toronto municipal election after conservative mayoral candidate John Tory said he didn't think white priviledge existed.

Now Sun TV is back with another installment in its ongoing coverage.

In the latest exchange, host Jerry Agar is joined by the Torontoist's staff reporter Desmond Cole, who requested the opportunity to debate Agar and challenge many of the points raised in Sun TV's first fiasco.

So how did the latest installment go? Well, Cole did great. And Agar? Well, watch:


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