VIDEO. Conservative suggests TV host wants government to raise your kids

Does CBC host Evan Solomon really want the government to raise your children for you?

Everybody knows this isn't true.


Even so, Minister of State for Finance Kevin Sorenson went on national television on Monday night and made this claim, inspired by Conservative talking points to attack the opposition's $15-a-day child care plan.

Granted, Sorenson, while appearing on CBC's Power and Politics, didn't call it a "crazy scheme to raise your kids for you" -- like his party does.

But in a perfectly off-topic response to a question from Solomon about the "logic" of Conservatives criticizing the opposition for proposing to "make government bigger" through public investments when the Conservatives themselves spent billions on the Economic Action Plan during the recession, Sorenson tried to loop back to his party's child-care talking points.

"I think your assertion is that government can best raise our families," Sorensen told Solomon.

"That's not my assertion," the host pointed out.

Watch with a replay:



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