VIDEO. Imagine if the Speaker told the Prime Minister to stop talking like they do in Britain

Maybe it's time for Andrew Scheer to watch how his British counterpart shuts down Members of Parliament -- including the Prime Minister -- when they veer off into irrelevant talking points in response to questions in the House of Commons.

On Monday, the Conservatives made it clear they won't be getting behind a new NDP motion to direct the Speaker to cut off an MP if they persist in responding to questions with answers that are unrelated to the topic


The motion was tabled after Sheer said he won't be doing anything differently following last week's performance by Stephen Harper's parliamentary point man. Paul Calandra made headlines for his repeated non-answers in Question Period, for which he later apologized.

So is this wishful thinking to demand relevant, on-topic debates? Nope.

Look no further than the British House of Commons -- you know, the same one Canada's lower chamber is modeled after (*cough*).

There, the Speaker regularly interrupts off-topic answers and even cuts off the microphone of the country's political leaders.

What a thought.

Watch how Scheer handles irrelevant answers in the House compared to how Speaker John Bercow handles irrelevant answers in the House:



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