VIDEO: "It is one struggle to build a just Canada for all"

Now that's how you get a standing ovation.

Community activist Kofi Hope rallied the crowd at the Broadbent Institute's Progress Summit 2015 to look beyond their individual causes and view each progressive fight in Canada as part of one larger battle for "equal rights and justice for all."  

Hope is managing director of Toronto's Community Empowering Enterprises, an organization dedicated to addressing economic issues effecting visible minority youth.

In an impassioned speech, the youth advocate and Rhodes scholar called on Canadians to see the big picture -- that the success of progressive policies, causes and organizations are all dependent upon one another. For example, Hope noted that his own organization's success is dependent on factors such as the availability of affordable education, jobs with good benefits and worker protection, and "proper transit for people to get to the jobs."


More inspiration from Hope:

"As progressives we sometimes get so caught up in our specific issues... that we lose track of the fact it is one struggle to build a just Canada for all."

"We exist in this physical world for such a short period of time -- for an instant in the history of the universe -- and it's easy to feel that we are so small and inconsequential. But as short as our time together is on this tiny blue planet, I know if we work together and organize together in our lifetimes we can leave this home a better place."

"Martin Luther King Jr. said the arc of history stretches long but curves towards justice -- it curves that way because it is pushed towards justice -- pushed by our ancestors before us, by the next generation ahead of us and by all of us here today fighting for justice now."

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