VIDEO. Robert Reich to CEOs: you're not the job creators

Robert Reich sure doesn't need much time to rip apart conservative talking points on the economy.

The author of 13 books, Reich is featured in the award-winning documentary Inequality For All. - See more at:

The former Secretary of Labor in the Clinton administration, featured in the award-winning documentary Inequality for All, needed just two minutes during a speech in Toronto this week to explain why "anybody who tells you that CEOs at big corporations are the job creators in Canada or the United States... doesn't know what they are talking about.


The real job creators are customers, Reich told an audience of 600 at the Broadbent Institute's Progress Gala. "If they don't have customers, they're not going to create jobs."

That's why paying people a fair wage -- so the middle class has the purchasing power to keep the economy going -- is a no-brainer, Reich said during his speech on inequality.

"You're not going to destroy jobs, you're going to put money in people's pockets," Reich explained. "The job creators are people with money in their pockets."




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