Walmart workers take a run at the boss on Black Friday

In the spirit of Black Friday -- the day retailers in Canada jump on the American bandwagon -- check out this video of a recent flash mob of Walmart workers in North Carolina.

And watch for even more flash mobs on Friday, with protests planned at over 1,500 Walmart stores in the United States, the biggest in the company's history. The workers are asking for a pay hike above poverty-level wages, more full-time jobs and an end to employer retaliation.

Walmart employees in the U.S. got a big boost last week when the General Counsel of the National Labor Relations Board confirmed that Walmart uses unlawful intimidation and coersion against employees who complain about their working conditions.

In Canada, we still remember when Walmart Canada shut down its store in Jonquiere, Que., in 2005, after the workers won union certification. The company that makes billions said it couldn't operate the "store in an efficient and profitable matter."

Over to you, Walmart workers:



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